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Island Tour of Kefalonia | A Natural Beauty

If beauty is from within, then the strange geological phenomena which take place beneath the surface of Kefalonia certainly help to create such natural beauty spots as Drogarati Caves and Melisani Lake.

When it comes to sightseeing, Kefalonia’s got plenty to keep your camera clicking. Topping the list has to be magnificent Myrtos Bay. If it looks familiar it’s because it landed a star role in the Hollywood flick ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’. Lapped by clear blue waters and hugged by cliffs, it’s one of the most photographed places in Greece. However save some film for the impressive stalactites and stalagmites at the Caves of Drogarati. Don’t forget to snap a few shots as you sail around the mystical underground lake, Melissani.

Watch the waters flash from turquoise to indigo to violet as your guide steers you through this enchanting lake. Later on, you’ll have time to explore the en vogue fishing village of Fiskardo, it’s pastel-washed tavernas will tempt you in for a bite.

You’ll see the up and coming port of Agia Efimia, too, and the sleepy hamlet of Assos. If you want to tick off Kefalonia’s star sights in just a day, this trip’s exactly what you’re after. It’s the essential start to any Kefalonian holiday.

An insight into the islands scenic beauty
We will show the very best Kefalonia has to offer. We head north to see the glorious bay of Myrtos. The peninsula of Assos is a fantastic stop. Here there will be time (approx. 30mins) to wander around the harbour with views of the remains of the Venetian castle. The scenic fishing village of Fiscardo is in the north . Many small boutiques line the harbour and we have time for shopping, swimming and to explore the village. We stop for lunch in Ag. Efimia In the afternoon we head south to explore the subterranean lake of Melisani where you view the interior by boat, the cave of Drogarati with stalactites and stalagmites, the monastery of Saint Gerasimos and wine tasting at the Robolla co-operative winery.

Set in wartime Kefalonia, Louis de Bernieres’ famous book has unearthed some of the islands’s history and entwined it in a love story. There are many villages on the island with remains of pre-earthquake houses and it is not difficult to imagine life here over 50 years ago. The southern villages of Svoronata, Caligata, Kourkoumelata and Byron’s Metaxata each have their own charm and history. Once the capital of Kefalonia, St. George’s castle can be clearly seen across the Robolla vineyards of the Omala valley en route to the monastery and churches of Saint Gerassimos. For over 400 years the island’s beloved patron saint has been lying in his silver sarcophagus. The casket is surrounded by priceless icons and paintings. Nearby, the newly constructed church is the pride of the island but does not have the wonderful atmosphere of this tiny sanctury where the hermit’s cave is still preserved.

But what about the film? The film-sets were created, the stars arrived to confuse the locals, the film was made and then Sami slipped back into the sleepy harbour of yesteryear as if nothing had happened. Off the tourist track towards Poros are some interesting pre-earthquake houses and from Poros the road is coastal all the way to Skala with its long sandy beaches. In Skala you can visit the remains of a Roman villa with mosaic floors, there is a good selection of tavernas and it is a great place for a swim. Visiting a local wine estate is not included as a “commercial stop” but we find our guests do enjoy trying before buying and here you can do both.


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